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Consultation & Analysis

Business Health Check-ups and Game Planning

Providing Everything You Need

Regular Strategy Pow-Wows (Monthly Consultation)

A hardware store wanted to refine their marketing efforts. Regular consultations not only improved their marketing strategies but also inspired a store redesign which customers loved.

Monthly Consultation

Regular meetings where we discuss your business, goals, and plan out strategies

User Personas

Creating fictional profiles of your ideal customers to better understand and meet their needs

Understanding Your Ideal Customers (User Personas)

An app developer struggled to understand their target users. Detailed user personas led to a more intuitive app interface, resulting in positive user reviews on the app store.

Spying on the Competition (Competitor Analysis)

A small local brewery desired to differentiate themselves. An in-depth competitor analysis informed the creation of a signature brew, becoming a crowd favorite in local beer festivals.

Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on what your business rivals are doing to stay ahead

B2B Marketing

If your customers are other businesses, this involves specific strategies to appeal to them

Reaching Out to Business Buddies (B2B Marketing)

A software company needed to attract more corporate clients. A well-executed B2B marketing strategy resulted in three major corporations adopting their software for everyday operations.

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