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Online Presence Management

Providing Everything You Need

Jumping to the Front of the Online Line (Google Ads):

A local clothing store struggled to reach a wider audience. Implementing a bespoke Google Ads strategy diversified their customer base, leading to an influx of online orders from previously untapped regions.


An important ...


This is about making sure Google can easily understand and showcase your website when someone searches for something related to your business (Search Engine Optimization)

Making Friends with Google (SEO)

An eager fitness trainer had difficulty being discovered online. With a robust SEO strategy, their website began to appear on the first page of local fitness search results, boosting their online visibility and appointment bookings.

Online Conversations and Insights (Content Creation)

An eco-friendly brand had innovative products but lacked compelling storytelling. Fresh and engaging content generated a remarkable surge in social shares, affirming their voice in the eco-friendly community.

Google/Facebook Ads

Think of this as paying to have a VIP seat on Google's / Facebook's search results page


Social Media Management

Being active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., where you post updates, share photos or interact with your customers

Keeping in Touch via Email (Email Marketing)

A family-run café wished to promote their special offers. A creatively crafted weekly newsletter rekindled customer relationships, drawing an increase in regular visitors enjoying the café's unique offers.

Hanging Out Where Your Customers Hang Out (Social Media)

A home décor boutique aimed to highlight their newest pieces. A vibrant social media strategy led to the shop being featured in five local lifestyle blogs, amplifying their brand visibility and store visits.

Email campaigns

Sending out awesome newsletters or updates via email to your customers effortlessly

SMS Campaigns

Sending text messages with special offers or updates directly to your customer's mobile phones

Direct Text Chats (SMS Campaigns

A community library needed an effective reminder system. An SMS campaign was set up, reducing late returns and generating enthusiastic responses to library events.

Customer Journey Mapping (Funnels)

An online course provider had great content but few conversions. A new funnel strategy led to an uptick in students completing the courses, improving their online education success stories.


A step-by-step plan to turn a stranger into a customer, like a roadtrip map.


Selling your products or services online on your website and/or social media

Setting Up Your Online Store

A local handicraft store sought to expand their business online. Implementing an e-commerce platform resulted in an influx of online sales, even receiving international orders.


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